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The Giving Relationship 

    In a home, in a relationship, in any situation where people work together, each side has to give.


What you give is not so important.


you give is.

You have to

want to 




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“Serve G-d in Joy, come before Him in song”
A cop stops a man for running a stop sign and the subject gives the cop a lot of grief explaining that he did stop. After several minutes, the cop explained to the gentleman that he didnt stop, he just slowed down a little. The gentleman said “Stop or slow down, whats the difference?” The cop pulled the guy out of the car and hit him with a nightstick for about a minute and then said, “Would you like for me to stop or just slow down?” 

Near Death Experience

A boss asked one of his employees, “Do you believe in life after death?”

“Yes, sir,” replied the new employee.

“I thought you would,” said the boss. “Yesterday after you left to go to your brother’s funeral, he stopped by to see you.” 


Phil had never taken even a day’s vacation. He never married–all his life took care of his elderly mom and his beloved cat. Friends and family urged him to get away just to relax a bit. His biggest concern was who would look after the cat and his mother. Phil’s brother, Joe stepped up to the task and Phil was happily off on a long vacation.


His first day out, Phil called Joe and immediately asked about the cat. The brother replied he was very sorry but the cat had died.Phil was devastated. How did this happen? “I don’t understand”, he cried. “The cat was healthy. I took care of it so well. I am gone one day and it’s dead?” Joe explained that the cat ran out to the street and it was struck by a car.


Phil was crushed. He wept profusely. When he finally composed himself, he told Joe that he really should think about how he presents bad news to people. Since he was going to be gone for several weeks, he told his brother, “you could have said something like, ‘The cat is on the roof.’ In a day or so you could add “We’ve had trouble getting the cat down from the roof.”


Then a day later say, “the cat fell off the roof and died.” In that way I’d know that something was up and at least I’d be a bit prepared for the news. Joe apologized and said he would work at being more considerate in the future.

So Phil then asked about their mother. “How is she?”

After a pause, Joe said: “Uh, Mom’s on the roof.”


Chayeh Sarah


Maimonides points out that although with regard to most character traits  our Sages say that one should take the middle path, not following either extreme, with regard to anger they warn that a person should keep a great distance, never becoming angry.




The Rebbe Maharash had a helper, Bentzion, who was a great kapdan – a short-tempered fellow. The Raza, used to say, “When I see a wrongdoing, I get angry just as he does. The difference between us is that I put aside the anger for an hour and a minute, and by that time I realize that it is all a foolishness.”


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Kosher Caffeine –  by Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui


Why did G-d  

put us here?? 



The Baal Shem Tov taught, a soul descends down to this world and lives 70 or eighty years, sometimes just to do one favor. A practical down to earth kindness and especially if the favor is spiritual.


So it’s possible, when we stop for a moment and take time away from ourselves to help another, that effort, might be the entire reason we were placed in this world!! That small physical favor  or how much more so if it is spiritual, might connect us with our entire raison d’etre – internal satisfaction like nothing else can give us. Imagine what happens if we missed the occasion??


The Bible, when it speaks of Abraham and why G-d loved him so much tell us, “For I have known (and cherished) him, because he instructs his sons and his household after him to keep the way of G-d, acting with charity and justice.” More than all the trials and tribulations that Abraham overcame and proved his loyalty to G-d, was the fact that Abraham would bring merit to others in the ways of charity and kindness.


One of the significant differences between Noah at the time of the flood and Abraham, was that Noah was not nearly as concerned with others as was Abraham and therefore was not characterized as a complete righteous person.  Whereas Noah  when he was told of the flood he faithfully got building the ark, Abraham the moment he heard G-d wanted to destroy Sodom in which his nephew Lot was residing, Abraham began to bargain with G-d and plead with G-d,  to save the entire region.


In the Talmud, Raish Lakish teaches, Abraham had a plan to spread the awareness of G-d and teach monotheism. When a traveler would finish eating and drinking and was getting ready to thank Abraham, Abraham would direct the guest to thank G-d who provided all that is good even in middle of a desert. If the person refused to acknowledge this awareness, Abraham would charge full price for being the only “7 Eleven “, the going market price for not having any competition, almost like airport prices, for a glass of water. This would change the mind of many to see the merit in Abrahams suggestion.


“Abraham worked on the men and Sarah worked on the women.”


Once a follower – Chassid came for a private audience with Rabbi Shnuer Zalman. After a discussion regarding the persons own personal advances in spirituality, the Rabbi tells his student, ‘What is all your studying of the Bible and all your personal improvement worth, if you haven’t yet brought the light into others. ” Ultimately, we are here not for ourselves. We are here, so that through our own lives there will be a greater good for mankind and the universe. The irony is, that when we give of ourselves for others we gain most from it for ourselves.


Raish Lakish whom I mentioned earlier once said. “I learned a lot from my teachers, and from my colleagues, but I learnt most from my students.” When we give, in whatever capacity, we get more for ourselves.


When a person dedicates himself to help others, especially by bringing them an awareness for their own purpose in life and bringing them closer to understanding the great value in giving the right education for their children, this brings that person much greater success and help from above in those exact areas, that he should have more clarity in his own life, and more success with his own children.

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 Inspiration from the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Giving Relationship  


    In a home, in a relationship, in any situation where people work together, each side has to give.


What you give is not so important.


you give is.

You have to

want to

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Moshiach Matters.
Our Sages declared that “all the appointed times for Moshiach’s coming have passed.” 

We have completed everything required of us, even – to borrow an expression from the Previous Rebbe – “having polished the buttons.” 

However, the very fact that Moshiach has not come as of yet indicates that there is something more for us to do. 

What is in fact required of us? 

Our Sages explain that in each generation, there is an individual who is fit to be Moshiach and “when the time comes, G-d will reveal Himself to him and send him.” 

The service at present is thus to be prepared to actually accept Moshiach and create a climate in which he can accomplish his mission and redeem Israel from the exile.


(The Rebbe, Shabbat Parshat Chayei Sara, 5772-1991)

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Hebron – belongs to who?

And after this, Abraham buried Sarah his wife in the cave of the field of Machpelah (Gen. 23:19)


Till today, Ishmael’s descendants claim that the Cave of Machpelah (in Hebron) belongs to them, by virtue of their being the children of Abraham.  


Among the rejoinders: 1) Ishmael did not have the right of inheritance, as he was the son of a maidservant and not Abraham’s wife.  


2) Ishmael had no connection to Sarah, so obviously he has no entitlement to a property that was bought as her burial place.


3) In the modern era, the majority of Arabs living in the Middle East are not ethnical descendants of Ishmael.


(Likutei Sichot)

Living with the Rebbe.
The Rebbe writes,

Great letter.
Reconcile science & religion.
very enlightening.     

Continued from previous issue


  5.  You refer to my statement that scientists know very little about interactions of isolated atoms and subatomic particles, and also question its relevance to the theories about the dating of the world. The relevance is this: The evolutionary theory as it applies to the origin of our solar system and planet Earth, from which the dating is inferred, presumes (at least in the case of most of the hypothesis) that “in the beginning” there were atoms and subatomic particles in some pristine state, which then condensed, combined together, etc.


    I am aware of the fact that a major part of physics research in this century has been concerned with interactions of individual units ranging from atoms to the most elementary particles known. But as late as 1931, of the subatomic particles only protons and electrons were known and “explored.” The bubble chamber was constructed only in 1952, and a field ion microscope (by Dr. Muller of Penn State University?), reaching into the realm of the atom and subatomic particles – only in 1962. We have good reason to believe, I think, that just as scientific knowledge was enriched with the introduction of the first microscope, we may expect a similar measure of advancement with the aid of the latest (though it had been preceded by the electronic microscope). Therefore, it is safe to assume that all we have learned in the field of nucleonics in the last few decades is very little by comparison with what we can confidently expect to learn in the next few decades.


    6. You object to my statement that conditions of pressure, temperature, radioactivity, etc., must have been totally different in the early stages supposed by some evolutionists from those existing today, and you assert that those environmental conditions have, for the most part, either been duplicated in the laboratory or observed in natural phenomena. Here, with all due respect, I beg to differ, and I believe the study of the sources will confirm my assertion.


   7. You state that there is no evidence that any radioactive element produces cataclysmic changes, and go on to note that there is a lack of clear distinction in my letter between cosmogony and geochronology. The reason for the lack of such a distinction in my letter is that it is irrelevant to our discussion. The subject matter of my letter is the theory of evolution as it contradicts the account of Creation in the Torah. According to the Torah, the creation of the whole universe was ex nihilo, including the Earth, the sun, etc. The theory of evolution presents instead, a different explanation of the appearance of the universe, solar system and our planet Earth.


    Now, in evaluating this theory, I have in mind that the strength of a chain is measured by its weakest link, and in my letter I attempted to point out some of the weakest links in both areas, cosmology and geochronology. With regard to geology and the changes and upheavals that may have occurred at a time when the whole universe is supposed to have been in a state of violent atomic instability, with worlds in collision, etc., cataclysmic changes cannot be ruled out, such nuclear reactions should have caused changes which would void any evolutionary calculations. Similarly, in the evolution of vegetables, animal and human life on the Earth, a radioactive process of such magnitude should have produced sudden changes and transmutations which would normally take long periods of time.


   8.  You state, finally, that the crucial point to consider in regard to geochronology is the existence of objects and geological formations in and on the crust of the earth, which serve as physically observable clocks, etc. But I have already pointed out in my said letter that such criteria are valid only as of now and for the future, but cannot be applied either scientifically or logically to a primordial state. By way of illustration, though you do not identify any of the objects you are referring to, let us examine radiocarbon dating, since most of the letters and questions I received on this subject pointed to it. This method assumes that the average cosmic ray intensity has remained constant for the whole period of the dating, and that atmospheric mixing is rapid compared to the lifetime of…


    Now to mention but one flaw in the criterion: it requires that the shielding power (density etc.) remain constant. But the evolution theory is built on the premise that there had been most radical changes. Incidentally, in most recent years geologists in South Africa discovered such a disorder in geological formations in that part of the world that it contradicted all the accepted theories of geology. The discovery was publicized at that time, but I do not have the informational media at hand, and I mention this in passing only. I suggest another look in my letter, p.5, par. beg. “The theory of evolution…”


Should you wish to continue the discussion, please do not hesitate to write me.


With esteem and blessing,


P.S. I have just been able to trace and borrow one of your books, “The Attenuation of Gamma Rays and Neutrons in Reactor Shields.” May I say that I was greatly impressed with the effort, material and clarity of presentation. Incidentally, I noted in it your observations about the “discrepancies between theory and experimentation” which I found more than once in your book. Such a statement as “Not only is the simplest organism an incredibly complicated entity whose chemistry and physics are barely glimpsed at, but the classical scientific pattern of experimentation is necessarily not available in studying radiation efforts” – is very significant and has a direct bearing on the theory of evolution which involves an age of unimaginable radioactivity both in the universe and our planet Earth.


May I say that I was greatly impressed with the effort, material and clarity of presentation. Incidentally, I noted in it your observations about the “discrepancies between theory and experimentation” which I found more than once in your book. Such a statement as “Not only is the simplest organism an incredibly complicated entity whose chemistry and physics are barely glimpsed at, but the classical scientific pattern of experimentation is necessarily not available in studying radiation efforts” – is very significant and has a direct bearing on the theory of evolution which involves an age of unimaginable radioactivity both in the universe and our planet Earth.



It Once Happened.

Amazing commitment — tested to the end….


About 600 years ago a religious movement began in Transylvania whose adherents, although not Jewish, observed certain Jewish commandments. In addition to keeping the Sabbath and the laws of kashrut, they celebrated Passover and had their own prayer book, an almost literal translation of the Jewish siddur into Hungarian.


For many years the group was persecuted and its leaders imprisoned, tortured and even killed. Some of its members escaped to Turkey, where they formally converted to Judaism. The most bloodthirsty enemy of the “Sabbath Observers,” as they were called, was Queen Maria Teresa, who was known for her hatred of anything Jewish. Nonetheless, the sect stubbornly held on to its beliefs.


In the times of Kaiser Franz Josef the members of the sect underwent mass conversion and became full-fledged Jews. The following was written by a Jewish journalist who visited their village shortly before the outbreak of World War II:


“We entered the converts’ synagogue. There we found a congregation consisting of a few dozen men praying the afternoon service, reading intently from small prayer books. Their appearance is dignified and serious, and they pray with great devotion. The person who led the service appeared to be the embodiment of the words, ‘Know before Whom you stand.’ These were never common people, as their lineage goes back over 1000 years to the founding of Transylvanian society. Today, however, they all have long beards and long side curls…


“At the end of the service they clustered around us and gave us a hearty ‘Shalom Aleichem.’ It did not take long until the conversation turned to a subject that is obviously very dear to them, their conversion to Judaism. This story is a glorious chapter in their history, and they do not conceal their pride in their ancestors’ decision, in the times of Franz Josef, to join the Jewish people…


” ‘And not only that,’ they add modestly, ‘many of our forefathers were already quite old when they willingly underwent the mitzva of brit mila (circumcision). Surely that in itself is no trifling matter!’


“As they tell it, the first member of their group to be circumcised was over 60 years old. He insisted that the Rabbi and the mohel (ritual circumciser) promise that if he died during the procedure, they would bury him as a Jew. In fact, everyone was clamoring to be circumcised first, as they all wanted to become Jewish as soon as possible. Even the youngsters were impatient…


“The new Jews suffered greatly because of their faith, but to them, all the pain and anguish was welcome. ‘We knew that we had done a great thing,’ they say, ‘and we waited patiently for the reaction of the non-Jewish community.’


“The reaction was not long in coming. ‘We were ordered to assemble at the courthouse. We were not afraid. We thought, what could do they do to us? Put us in jail? Our ancestors had also been imprisoned. Maybe we would be forced into the very same cells…’


“The date of the court appearance arrived. Everyone in the entire village put on his finest Sabbath clothing …


“The chief magistrate turned to an elderly gentleman and demanded to know what had gotten into his head. The man replied that as his family had already been observing the Sabbath and eating kosher for several hundred years, the time had come to complete the process and not be satisfied with halfway measures. The judge then asked if anyone had felt compelled or coerced to convert, to which they all answered no, they had become Jews of their own free will. The judge then declared that he would announce his verdict in two days. The fledgling Jews were ready to accept whatever punishment he decreed…


“Two days later the verdict was announced: Whoever wished to remain a Jew would be obligated to turn over all his property to the royal treasury!


“A vast sigh of relief filled the courthouse. That was to be their punishment? Joyfully they went home and returned to the courthouse with all of their cows and oxen, jewelry and fine clothes. Everything was piled into a huge mound in front of the building. The judge, who had been watching the proceedings, then declared, ‘In the name of the Kaiser Franz Josef, you are hereby granted permission to embrace your new faith. I just wanted to see how much you were willing to sacrifice on behalf of your beliefs…’ “


For the next 75 years the community flourished. Jews from the surrounding areas built them a synagogue, and sent them a Rabbi and a shochet (ritual slaughterer) to attend to their needs.


Unfortunately, the Holocaust perpetuated by the Nazis, may their name be erased, did not leave these righteous converts unscathed. When the time came they entered the ghettoes and concentration camps with the rest of their brethren, where they publicly sanctified G-d’s Name.



Warmest wishes for a 
Shabbat Shalom. 


Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui

Chabad Center Palm Beach 

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